Feb. 14, 2008 "Treasures" Found

In the image above...
the sheet to the right is a page from an old magazine with a female posing in an armchair. Is it Carol Lombard? The back of a get-well card shows the card was made in 1925 by The Buzza Co. These papers were found behind mantles. Notice the odd ball - could it be a "canister shot" used at Fort Macon?
Other items are described below.
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The photo above shows the front of the 1925 get-well card, old notes and a magazine page flipped over showing James Cagney. The crumbling get-well card is signed by Sue Thomas who writes that she is on her way to Richmond "to find diagnosis of my side." This could possibly be Sue Thomas who married Murray Thomas, Jr. in 1917. She was Elizabeth Cheek's mother.
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Photograph taken in the lower kitchen of the same items:
Large Bottle label is torn and crumbling. It reads: Nyal's Cod Liver Oil - Compound - Tonic and Tissue Builder Alcohol 16% - Palatable Preparation..from fatty ami..extractive princip..fresh cod livers..wild ch..malt and..phites..potassiu..children..years..as req...
The small bottle is labeled:
The bottles were found between the walls, behind the plaster, as if placed there as "time capsules" when the house was built.
The small tin labeled STAG is obviously a pocket-tobacco tin.
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Envelope Postmarked 1951

1951 Christmas Greetings Certificate from
Blake & James Furniture Company to
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Garner
As of this post, it is assumed that the Garners were
renting the house after Miss Marie's 1951 death.