Historic Commission OKs Home Restoration

Hatsell-Clawson House circa 1902 - 1905 Photo

January 11, 2008
, Carteret News Times, Morehead City, NC

– Restoration of an Orange Street home will begin…following approval Tuesday from the town’s Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).

The request for exterior changes at 119 Orange St. was made by Gerry Sadler of Gerry Sadler Construction Co. on behalf of property owner Robert Marshall. The project, which will cost an estimated $342,702 will include replacing doors and windows, reworking siding, reworking a one-story portion of the house and reworking and adding a story to a one-story addition.

In his presentation of the project to the HPC, Mr. Sadler included a photo of the house taken in 1905. He said the goal was to make the house look like it did in the photo. “We want to get everything back just like it was,” he said.

Some of the rework would incorporate any original materials from the house that would be saved, he said, like wood siding or bricks for restructuring the chimneys.

On the front of the house, the second-story door above the porch will be replaced with a window to match the existing windows. The two front doors will be removed to create one front entrance, and a transom will be installed over the door to match the photo from 1905.

In the back, two sets of Anderson vinyl French doors will be added to the one-story of the house, one on the back side and another on the side facing south. Additionally, the porch will be enclosed on the one-story portion of the house and a new 8-foot porch will be added.

Old windows on the house will be reworked as needed, with storm windows added to the front, and all remaining windows will be with Anderson
one-over-one windows. Wooden louver shutters will be placed on the front and side windows.

The house will also receive a new coat of paint, with siding white, shutters Beaufort green, the porch deck a medium gray and porch ceiling a “barely” blue.

Also, in an effort to restore the home’s 1905 appearance, a Beaufort-style wooden picket fence, painted white, will be erected in the front yard.

HPC member Dan Krautheim made the motion to approve a COA (Certificate of Appropriateness) for the restoration project and member Mamré Wilson gave the second.