Views from the Rooftop-2007

Present-day views from the rooftop of the Charles Ives Hatsell House. The Andrew Lee Hatsell House circa 1827 is the first house to the south. Beyond are several other houses on Orange Street just steps away from Taylor's Creek and Carrot Island beyond. Beyond the Beaufort Inlet is Fort Macon. Without the newer houses between the 1827 house and the waterfront, Charity Hatchell Read and Emeline Pigott would have been able to have a clear view of the siege of the fort on April 26, 1862. More views...descriptions below images.

Orange Street Looking Southeast Showing Houses and Land First
Owned and Built on by the Borden/Fuller Families Going Back
to the Mid 18th Century

View of the Andrew Lee Hatsell House circa 1827
Built by Grandfather of Charles Ives Hatsell

View From Charles Ives Hatsell House Looking South

Looking Southwest - Showing the Rear of the North Carolina
Maritime Museum on Front Street and Beaufort Inlet Beyond