Marie Ella Clawson and Charles Ives Hatsell

Charles Ives Hatsell 1878-1949
Marie Ella Clawson Hatsell 1876-1951
Charles Ives Hatsell, born February 23, 1878, married Marie Ella Clawson on December 25, 1902. That same year 24-year-old Charlie, who had been working with Professor Wilson out of the temporary laboratory at the Gibbs House, began full-time work at the new Federal Biological Laboratory—across Gallants Channel on Piver's Island.

Charlie's wife, Marie Ella Clawson, was born in 1876 to Charles Alfred Clawson and Mary Donovan Clawson. Charles Clawson was born in Sweden in 1838. Wife Mary Donovan was born in Ireland. They opened Clawson’s Grocery in 1905 on the south side of Front Street. In her later years, Marie Ella was known by many as “Miss Marie.”

Captain Hatsell went on to serve as Terrapin Culturist and Foreman at the United States Fisheries Biological Laboratory. He personally supervised the raising of thousands of young terrapins that were released in salt marshes from Maryland to Louisiana. See "Charlie & the Terrapins."
1947 Retirement photo - From left to right: Dr. Herbert F. Prytherch, 
Charles Hatsell, Vance Fulford, Alonzo Thomas and Charles Hawkins
In 1947, Charlie retired on his 69th birthday after serving 45 years at the U.S. Fisheries Laboratory. Several months later he was presented with a citation and bronze plaque from the Department of the Interior for his "long faithful and highly distinguished service."
Charlie died July 30, 1949. The now-empty shed at one time served as Charlie's workshop and storage for his small boat - the one he used to row to work each day.
In 1954 Charles Ives Hatsell was included in an article on terrapins in National Geographic.
Charlie's Boat Shed
Children of Charles Ives and Marie Ella Hatsell

Francis Graves Hatsell was born July 29, 1905. Francis is noted on the 1930 census as a boatman for the biological lab. He married Helen Charles Proctor on November 25, 1936. The couple moved to Alexandria, Virginia before the birth of their only son, Charles Proctor Hatsell. Francis died in San Antonio on July 22, 1997. Helen died January 26, 1994 in Alexandria. Charles Proctor Hatsell was born in Alexandria, Virginia on September 18, 1944. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 1967 with a BS degree in electrical engineering. In 1968 he received an MS in electrical engineering followed, in 1970, by a PhD in electrical engineering - both at Duke University. In 1974 Hatsell attained his MD degree at the University of Miami.
Among Dr. Hatsell's many accomplishments:
  • Chief of Medicine USAF Heart Program School of Aerospace Medicine 1978-1981
  • Flight Surgeon USAF 1975-1992
  • Adjunct Professor USAF Institute of Technology Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio - 1976-1992
  • Associate Clinical Professor of Community Medicine Wright State School of Medicine, Dayton Ohio 1982-2005
Dr. Hatsell specialized in aerospace medicine and forensics in San Antonio He was a Colonel in the US Air Force and served in the Persian Gulf - retiring from the military in the early 1990s.

Dr. Hatsell died on March 16, 2006 and was buried with full military honors at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery. Charles was a long-time member of the Friends of the North Carolina Maritime Museum. He is survived by three children and four grandchildren:

  • Charles J. Hatsell
  • Elizabeth Hatsell married Jason Manz. Children-Emily, Abigail and Cameron
  • Carol Hatsell married Robert Smith. One child-Morgan Smith
Carl Alfred HatsellAugust 28, 1907-June 27, 1988. Carl married Verna Eugenia Curren on November 14, 1940. They were Elaine Hatsell Glover’s parents and most likely built the 1950 brick house at 121 Orange Street, just north of the Hatsell-Clawson House.

Henry Wilson Hatsell
- September 6, 1911-June 23, 1964. Henry married Helen Elizabeth Heffner on October 3, 1943.